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04 December 2006 @ 09:43 pm
Just a little update on Fozzy and the new album.
Chris mentioned on last nights Rock of Jericho, which can be downloaded at y2jchrisjericho /cheap plug, that Fozzy are currently writing the new Fozzy record, he's been working on lyrics a lot and so far he's got 10 sets of lyrics done.
He says "they're very metaphysical, and very, shall we say, psychoanalytical. They're all called Lick My Love Pump, written in the saddest key of B."
So..we've got something to look forward to there. XD
But it's awesome to hear that they're getting lyrics done.
I guess as soon as Rich is less busy with Mojo, there'll be more work on Fozzy.

And while on the subject of the ROJ, recent news from Chris is that with a change within XM Radio, the greatest show on XM, the ROJ, is being cancelled.
So help out Chris, read the following blog post from him and send emails to all, make sure if ROJ can't continue on XM, that it can be aired elsewhere because it really is an amazing show.

Hello Rock Of Jerichoholics!
Due to a change in the inner structure of XM, the Rock Of Jericho is being cancelled. The last voyage of the good ship ROJ is sailing on Dec 31, 2006, so get ready for the New Year's party of the century!
I had a blast doing this show every week and I'm not going down easy. I have a few alternatives and I'm hoping to continue with the show, but I'm going to need your help.
Please email me your thoughts on the ROJ to messagesforchris@gmail.com I'm going to take all of the letters to use in support of moving the show and the more I get, the merrier.
Also feel free to contact the XM superiors and tell them your thoughts on the ROJ's demise at lou.brutus@xmradio.com or kevin.kash@xmradio.com
Let them know how you feel about losing your favorite show!
It's been a great 2 years and I've had a blast. Does anyone know how many shows I've done?
I hope you've had twice as much fun listening to the shows as I did doing them.
Goodbye, But only for now
I'm coming back, I swear it somehow!
God Bless,